Blogging as Content Creation

Why blog? Well, if you approach this question with even 2.5% skepticism over the value of blogging, I highly recommend having a read of an earlier post I wrote called ‘Blogging Away: Making Media for a Competitive Advantage‘. In fact, I strongly suggest reading that blog in any case as it has some inspiring stories of students who stood out from the crowd and had some amazing successes – in large part from blogging!

Rather than engage with the question of why here, this post is going to offer some pointers on the how. The following advice isn’t comprehensive; there are many ways in which blog posts can be constructed and much of the advice I include here is directed at the Digital Media students I teach who engage with this form of media-making (although I dare say most of it would be more generally applicable). Further to this, I continue to learn new things about blogging each and every time I learn more by doing more myself.

Photograph by Adam Brown

When I’ve asked students to create blog posts in the past for formal assessment, I often see isolated blog posts created the day of an assignment deadline. Given that one’s first blog post is always the hardest one creates, I don’t even want to imagine the headaches that would ensue under these circumstances. Yet the main point to take from this is that not only does blogging multiple times mean things get easier, you also get better at it.

So with the strong qualification that most learning about making blog posts comes from actually making them, below are three key points of advice arising from videos I made recently.

Effective Writing Makes a Difference

If I sudenly included a lot of spilling mestakes in this sentence, my credibility wouldn’t quite be sitting where I want it to be. Excellent writing is about much more than spelling and grammar though; it’s about putting forward the meanings and messages you wish to convey in a clear, articulate, and compelling fashion. One great strategy for this is to ensure your writing includes a seamless movement between the general and the particular. Not sure what I mean by that? Check out this video…


Integrate Dynamic Media Content

My next video focuses on the need to include visual media into blog posts in relevant, useful, and engaging ways. If you would like to get a clearer sense of the blog I reflect on at length here, feel free to access it here. I have updated this blog several times over the years, highlighting the important fact that media-making doesn’t have to be perfect – it never really is – before you can share it out there with an audience…


Interactive Blogs are Engaging Blogs

Further important elements of blog posts include the inclusion of hyperlinks and the embedding of media content. Beyond the more aesthetically engaging quality this provides, connecting your media with the online world around it has a variety of other benefits. Check out the video below for why this is important – and it’s not just to save someone’s computer monitors…

As I said at the beginning of this blog, media-making of this kind comes about most of all through a process of learning by doing. Once you have set up your website (for some useful advice on setting up a site with WordPress, see this video), you are pretty much good to go. Create a post, share it out there, and get some feedback. You’re the only one holding yourself back at this point…

Thanks for reading/watching – and good luck!! 🙂



Featured image: person woman apple hotel by Stokpic (CC0)


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