Social Media Stories Podcast

SMS logo (without background).pngI’m the creator of the Social Media Stories podcast, now available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, and your favourite Android app!!

Join me for a series of lively chats on the complexities of social media with industry practitioners, researchers, students, and many others. Weekly episodes cover an array of topics highlighting just how deeply social media has impacted our work, our lives, and our world…

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Episode Title Description Running Time
Learning Episode 1 focuses on the importance of ‘learning by doing’, and includes a conversation with the most special of special guests… 9:05
Twitter Episode 2 unpacks what Twitter is all about with the help of a very savvy Communications graduate and media practitioner. 11:08
Copyright Episode 3 hones in on the complexities of copyright in the online world with the assistance of a very experienced and entertaining Copyright Manager. 12:24
Authenticity Episode 4 explores the concept of ‘authenticity’ with the help of a PhD research student and educator. 12:37
Celebrity Episode 5 examines the intersection of social media and celebrity culture through the experiences of a paid brand ambassador. 12:26
WeChat Episode 6 takes a look at the hugely influential app WeChat with the help of a researcher of Chinese social media. 14:24
Politics Episode 7 dives into the politically charged arena of social media and, well, politics… 11:52
Activism Episode 8 uncovers the complexities of digital activism through the prism of the animal rights movement. 14:25